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  • Tuesday 26: Old School of Teaching
  • Wednesday 27, Thursday 28 y Friday 29: Iberian Museum

Tuesday 26/09

Wednesday 27/09

Wednesday 27/09 TECNOLING

Thursday 28/09

Friday 29/09

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  • Session 5

    NLP to facilitate language comprehension

    Horacio Saggion

  • Coffee

  • Session 6

    Round Table ILENIA

    Marta Villegas

  • Session 7

    Applications of NLP

    Manuel Montes Gómez

  • Closure


Session 1: NLP to detect hate speech and fallacies

Moderator: Estela Saquete (University of Alicante)

  • Spanish hate-speech detection in football
  • Detección y clasificación de falacias prototípicas y espontáneas en Español
  • Automatic counter-narrative generation for hate speech in Spanish

Session 2: TECNOLING

Moderator: Cristina Aranda

Session 3.1: NLP Multilingual and Resources

Moderator: Arturo Montejo Ráez (University of Jaén)

  • Aligning a medium-size GPT model in English to a small closed domain in Spanish using reinforcement learning
  • Catalan Parliamentary Plenary Session Transcriptions from 2015 to 2022, the ParlaMintCAT Corpus
  • Strategies for bilingual intent classification for small datasets scenarios

Session 3.2: NLP Multilingual and Resources

Moderator: Kepa Sarasola (University of País Vasco)

  • NoNiRes. Corpus del catalán anotado con negación
  • Multilingual Controllable Transformer-Based Lexical Simplification
  • Alberti, a Multilingual Domain Specific Language Model for Poetry Analysis
  • Nueva Economía de las LenguaS. Proyecto Estratégico para la Recuperación y Transformación Económica del Gobierno de España

Session 4: Machine Learning in NLP

Moderator: Fermín Cruz Mata (University of Sevilla)

  • Deep Learning Methods for Extracting Metaphorical Names of Flowers and Plants
  • Entailment-based Task Transfer for Catalan Text Classification in Small Data Regimes
  • Can Grammarly and ChatGPT accelerate language change? AI-powered technologies and their impact on the English language: wordiness vs. conciseness

Session 5: NLP to facilitate language comprehension

Moderator: Horacio Saggion (Pompeu Fabra University)

  • La perplejidad como herramienta para estimar la asignación de nivel de competencia en escritos de una lengua extranjera
  • Normalisation of Education Information in Digitalised Recruitment Processes
  • Automatic Easy-to-Read Translation of Morphological Structures in Spanish Texts
  • LegalEc: A New Corpus for Complex Word Identification Research in Law Studies in Ecuatorian Spanish

Session 6: Round Table IIENIA

Moderator: Marta Villegas

Description: ILENIA aims to promote the new digital economy based on natural language in Spain.
based on natural language in Spain. For this purpose, the project, framed in the PERTE, New Economy of the Language, coordinates 4 projects that work on the creation of linguistic models of the different languages of Spain (AINA, NOS, GAITU and VIVES).

The session will start with a general presentation of the project and its main objectives. main objectives. In particular, the goals of ILENIA will be detailed and then each of the coordinated projects will be will be detailed and then each of the coordinated projects will be specified.

Mesa redonda: Participarán Begoña Altuna (GAITU), y Manuel Javier Palomar (VIVES) bajo la moderación de Marta Villegas (AINA).

Session 7: Applications of NLP

Moderator: Manuel Montes Gómez (INANOE, Mexico)

  • Identifying media bias beyond words: using automatic identification of persuasive techniques for media bias detection
  • NegesAPI: An API for Negation Cue Detection and Scope Identification in Spanish
  • LyricSIM: A novel dataset and benchmark for similarity detection in Spanish song lyrics
  • An approach to lexicon filtering for text classification



The objective of this workshop is to foster research both
at the theoretical as well as at the level of practical real-world applications of NLP technologies applied to misinformation mitigation.

NLP-MisInfo Programme


In this shared evaluation campaign, the research community defines new research challenges and proposes tasks to advance the state of the art in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

IberLEF Programme

Doctoral Symposium 2023

Location: Auditorium of the Iberian Museum of Jaén

Date: 28th September 2023


12:00-12:10 Welcome and introduction to the symposium

12:10-12:20 Mitigating Biases in Deep Learning Models: A Path Towards Fairness and Inclusivity

PhD Student: Ismael Garrido Muñoz

Mentors: Dra. Estela Saquete and Dr. Víctor Fresno

12:20-12:30 Enriching Natural Language Processing systems with semantic-pragmatic information through communicative intentions

PhD Student: María Miró Maestre

Mentors: Dr. Miguel Ángel García Cumbreras and Dr. Javier Ortega

12:30-12:40 Entity Modelling through Ontologies and Large Language Models

PhD Student: Fabio Antonio Yáñez Romero

Mentors: Dr. Manuel Carlos Díaz Galiano and Dr. Koldo Gojenola

12:40-12:50 Automatically designing Machine Learning models out of natural

PhD Student: Ernesto Luis Estevanell Valladares

Mentors: Dr. German Rigau and Dr. José Antonio García Díaz

12:50-13:00 Commonsense Knowledge and Controllable Techniques for an Effective and Efficient Approach to Text Generation

PhD Student: Iván Martínez Murillo

Mentors: Dr. Koldo Gojenola and Dr. Emilio Sanchís

13:00-13:10 Automated Media Bias Detection: Challenges and Opportunities

PhD Student: Francisco Javier Rodríguez Ginés

Mentors: Dr. Javier Ortega and Dr. Arturo Montejo

13:10-13:20 Identification of Complex Words in the Academic Domain in Spanish

PhD Student: Jenny Ortiz Zambrano

Mentors: Dr. José Manuel Perea and Dr. Andrés Montoyo

13:20-13:30 Extraction of Stylometric Information from Spanish Documents

PhD Student: César Espín Riofrío

Mentors: Dr. Rafael Muñoz and Dra. Estela Saquete

13:30-13:40 Towards An Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Framework to Automatically Adapt Short Stories in Spanish into Easier and Accessible Versions

PhD Student: Isam Diab

Mentors: Dra. Paloma Moreda and Dr. José Manuel Perea

14:00-15:30 Lunch Break

15:30-15:40 Multilingual Information Extraction in Clinical Texts Using Deep Learning Approaches

PhD Student: Elena Zotova

Mentors: Dr. Víctor Fresno and Dr. Manuel Carlos Díaz Galiano

15:40-15:50 Semantic Planning for Multilingual Fiction Generation

PhD Student: Nayla Escribano

Mentors: Dr. Rafael Valencia and Dr. José Antonio García Díaz

15:50-16:00 Exploring Readability Assessment and Text Simplification for Science Documents within a Multilingual Educational Context

PhD Student: Suna Şeyma Uçar

Mentors: Dr. Arturo Montejo and Dra. Paloma Moreda

16:00-16:10 Automic Detection of Hope Speech

PhD Student: Daniel García Baena

Mentors: Dr. Andrés Montoyo and Dr. Miguel Ángel Alonso

16:10-16:20 Premio a la mejor línea de investigación novel en PLN Detección de la ofensividad en redes sociales mediante lenguaje natural e información contextual

Awarded: M. Estrella Vallecillo Rodríguez

16:20-16:30 Farewell and closure

Program Committe

M. Teresa Martín Valdivia – Universidad de Jaén –

Eugenio Martínez Cámara – Universidad de Jaén –

M. Dolores Molina González – Universidad de Jaén –

Salud María Jiménez Zafra – Universidad de Jaén –